Brenda Nolen 2

With compassion and mindfulness back in my life and more importantly, back in my daily routine, I am sleeping better, breathing deeper, and feel much more deliberate. Brenda Nolen, Santa Cruz, California

Brenda Nolen 1

This course brought me back to meditation, which had been absent in my life during the stresses of this pandemic. The first time Aly had us close our eyes and take a few deep breaths, I felt immediately at ease and kinda had a feeling of being “back home”. For me it was immediate, during…

Anonymous 10

Dedicating time to focus on being compassionate is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your relationships, and others. The meditations in this course help with visualizing our common humanity and this pushes for action to ease suffering in the world. Anonymous

Anonymous 9

“It is simply amazing to broaden our wisdom about a simple yet radical topic such as compassion. It can sound naïve but it is THE skill that will make us a better human and consequently a better collective.” Anonymous

Rebecca Stevens 5

“I have noticed that I feel more present even on my longest working days and when I am feeling most tired. I have found greater concentration, presence, feeling of ease and calmness, and ability to be able to more easily step back in the moment.” Rebecca Stevens

Deb Egan 2

“No doubt our world would be a better place if we all committed to acting with compassion in the face of suffering both at a personal and systemic level. Much gratitude for these teachings!” Deb Egan

Geeta Shyam 2

“There have been so many changes in how I now respond to daily life situations. I feel more in touch with what is happening internally now – in my mind and heart. The self-awareness and conscious effort to apply compassion in my daily life has also provided a healthier way for me to be there…

Mathilde Lenoir 4

“I’ve definitely noticed a shift in how I interact or receive input in my daily life. I react differently to the vision of suffering around me. I have a better trust in myself and in my strength. I feel I can make myself more useful in stressful situations.” Mathilde Lenoir

Anonymous 7

“Thank you for the amazing work to organize so many countries, so many concepts, to unite in something so purposeful and joyful.” Anonymous

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