Anonymous 9

“It is simply amazing to broaden our wisdom about a simple yet radical topic such as compassion. It can sound naïve but it is THE skill that will make us a better human and consequently a better collective.” Anonymous

Rebecca Stevens 5

“I have noticed that I feel more present even on my longest working days and when I am feeling most tired. I have found greater concentration, presence, feeling of ease and calmness, and ability to be able to more easily step back in the moment.” Rebecca Stevens

Deb Egan 2

“No doubt our world would be a better place if we all committed to acting with compassion in the face of suffering both at a personal and systemic level. Much gratitude for these teachings!” Deb Egan

Geeta Shyam 2

“There have been so many changes in how I now respond to daily life situations. I feel more in touch with what is happening internally now – in my mind and heart. The self-awareness and conscious effort to apply compassion in my daily life has also provided a healthier way for me to be there…

Mathilde Lenoir 4

“I’ve definitely noticed a shift in how I interact or receive input in my daily life. I react differently to the vision of suffering around me. I have a better trust in myself and in my strength. I feel I can make myself more useful in stressful situations.” Mathilde Lenoir

Jeannie F. 2

“I hug those I love much more and am able to verbalize my love more freely. My habitual ways of reacting to others has decreased.” Jeannie F.

Lisa Kiser 2

“Compassion meditation has given me essential tools for facing difficult times. I believe that being actively compassionate connects us to each other in ways that are profoundly transformative for all.” Lisa Kiser

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