George Roskop

“I learned that I do have a bit of compassion. I enjoyed the group and different personalities. I’m more tolerant, I listen mindfully and listen before judging.” George Roskop

Erin R.

“This course was literally life changing for me. I can’t say enough about it to enough people in my circles. Just thank you!” Erin R.

Rebecca P.

“I’m more calm. Not as quick to react, I have more awareness of others’ suffering vs. being judgmental and dismissive. My life and my family’s life is forever changed for the better. After the 3rd or 4th week I knew that I wanted to incorporate this with the rest of my life and work.” Rebecca…

Mathilde Lenoir 3

“I’ve definitely noticed a shift in how I interact or receive input in my daily life. It feels silly to say this but I feel more mature. I can still be reactive/impulsive, but the moment of mentally stepping back and watching myself comes sooner…I also react differently to the vision of suffering around me. I…

Mathilde Lenoir 2

“I was coming in with a trust that this would be a science-based program that wouldn’t require “faith” from me (I’m an atheist) and that would give me tools to deal positively with the emotional realm within me. The course definitely delivered.” Mathilde Lenoir

Mathilde Lenoir 1

“I am already talking about this class to people around me and encouraging friends to take it. I believe it was a great use of both time and money, and something that can only bring you a positive outcome – maybe even a spectacular one.” Mathilde Lenoir

Janet Hayes

“I would say that CCT is life-changing and uplifting.” I feel more able to help people to accept a situation when they feel that life is treating them unfairly. I also support the appreciation of the smaller things in life.” Janet Hayes

Deb Egan

“I am stronger in my resolve to maintain the daily meditation practice that I was able to establish through the course. A first for me despite various attempts! I am clearer on the benefits to myself and others. No doubt our world would be a better place if we all committed to acting with compassion…

Rebecca Stevens 3

“I loved the class time in its entirety and how the two hours were put together, with a mixture of plenary input and sharing, small groups and formal practice.” Rebecca Stevens

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