Anonymous 10

Dedicating time to focus on being compassionate is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your relationships, and others. The meditations in this course help with visualizing our common humanity and this pushes for action to ease suffering in the world. Anonymous

Chelsea C. 2

“I cannot say enough about what a great experience this was for me. If you want to up your personal vibe and learn some amazing things (there are great physiological benefits from this course!), sign up.” Chelsea C.

Lori N.

“I found the CCT course to be life shifting, both personally and professionally. The homework and in-class exercises, combined with guided meditations, provided a solid and meaningful foundation for personal, professional, psychological, and spiritual development and expansion. In our complex world, awareness and practice of CCT is a gift of collective fortune.” Lori N.

Jeannie F. 3

“We all are alike in that we all suffer. Getting in touch with the fact that we all suffer, we all want to be happy makes one realize that we are more alike than different. This class exceeded my expectations. It motivates me to continue cultivating compassion and to make a difference in other people’s…

Steve Ross

“This is the first such class I’ve taken and the first longer-term commitment to a formal, spiritual practice for many years. I discovered a much deeper level of concentration and pleasure from the guided meditations than from previous techniques I used regularly for many years. I have felt compassion for a long time but never…

Lisa Kiser 1

“Even after several years, I still feel what a gift it is to have been in the course. I feel like I am able to connect to my truest self and what I want most for the world through compassion meditation.” Lisa Kiser

Erin R.

“This course was literally life changing for me. I can’t say enough about it to enough people in my circles. Just thank you!” Erin R.

Rebecca P.

“I’m more calm. Not as quick to react, I have more awareness of others’ suffering vs. being judgmental and dismissive. My life and my family’s life is forever changed for the better. After the 3rd or 4th week I knew that I wanted to incorporate this with the rest of my life and work.” Rebecca…

Mathilde Lenoir 1

“I am already talking about this class to people around me and encouraging friends to take it. I believe it was a great use of both time and money, and something that can only bring you a positive outcome – maybe even a spectacular one.” Mathilde Lenoir

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