Nitzan Blouin 2

This program will inform your teaching style and techniques keeping inclusion as a top priority, and invite you to start your own self-injury journey. Nitzan Blouin, Boulder CO

Nitzan Blouin 1

The program exceeded expectations on teaching techniques and tool, teachings on self compassion and mindfulness and scientific studies on effects of mindfulness practices. Nitzan Blouin, Boulder CO

Vedanti Dave 3

I’d encourage others to join the program to enhance their individual practice as well as gain confidence in sharing this age old and vital wisdom to others. Vedanti Dave, India

Vedanti Dave 2

My favourite part was the engaging discussions with Aly, the group and the experts that made time to share their wisdom with us! They were extremely thought provoking and helped me build such precious connections of heart with Aly, James and the group members. I also loved when we got extra time in small groups…

Vedanti Dave 1

The program was beautifully designed! I loved the fact that it not only has made me confident about teaching compassion but has helped me deepen my own mindfulness practice. Over the course of the program and life I have consciously tried to practice non judgement and have seen my compassion grow as a result of…

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